Speech 2017

Speech 2017
Unable to open things

Have you ever had something that you can't open?Well there are many things you can't open, but there are three things that are more frustrating. It all starts in the morning, when the sun rolls over you get up to have some breakfast.

Once you're finished, you go into the bathroom to brush your teeth. You shut the door, just to have some peace and quiet to get away from your siblings, yelling and being annoying. Next thing you are locked in the bathroom because the door handle is jammed. Now, what do you do in this problem?
Well you could get your dad to try and fix, or you could go and get a builder to try too. If this has happened to you then you wouldn't be here listening to my speech.

Now the next thing is scissors. You have no scissors in your draw, so you go to the shops for a pair of scissors. Next thing you are shocked out of mind because guess what? You need scissors to open scissors. Now what do you do in this problem?
I think that you should try and get your parents to open it, or if that doesn’t work then you should go ALL the way back to the shops to get a pair of scissors to open a pair of scissors.

Now let's carry on. “Mum can I go to the diary?”Yay we can. We head off to the dairy excitedly. Next thing you paid two dollars for a lollipop that you can't even open! The best thing to solve this problem is to ask someone who has experience, or to wait until you reach home!

So next time you have these problems, stay calm and count to ten.


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