Super bowl

Super bowl at Hanmer springs 

Have you ever been on the super bowl before? 
Well if you haven't then listen up. 
It was a sunny day, walking to the pools. Waiting and waiting finally next person please, asked the lady at the counter. I was feeling a little scared .My hands were shaking. My brain was swimming. Walking, feeling freezing cold, my feet were frozen. “Umm Mylo I don't think this is a good idea. Noooooo!” I yelled to Mylo. My heart was pumping, my hands were shaking and even more my brain was swimming. 3,2,1 GO mylo pushed us down the slide as hard as he could and suddenly it was a dream come true. We were spinning very slowly but suddenly we stopped with disaster. “Oh NO! Some one help!” I was screaming. “Help! Help! Someone!”. 
Mylo yelled “Maybe we just get out and push ourselves down the hole.” So I got out and pushed us down the hole to get to the bottom. At that point it was just like I was being chased by a big monster. It was scary but you know what? It was still fun. 
Now that is why I was a bit scared of going down the super bowl. So if you ever get stuck then do it our way. And remember be careful of the way you go down. I hope you guys get a great ride on the super bowl.

In this term I think that my writing is kind of stepping up to the next level because I think that I can connect more ideas and make sure that make sense. 
I think that I can connect ideas and make the make sense, it is making the next levels or me to create the new writing in my head.
I think that I did well because I could connect ideas and make them into long sentences and to make more emotions on what I was feeling and asking questions in this piece of writing.
My next step are to make more detail in this piece of writing and working on my emotions. Also to make my way up to extended abstract. I am nearly there. Like I can probably teach/help people with connecting ideas and making them all into one and even make them make sense to help people move up to there next step. 


  1. Your story has lots of detail Lila. I have been down the super bowl before and the first time I did it I ended up going down the hole facing BACKWARDS. Believe me it is not pretty. But I got better luck next time. But May (my sister) had to face the consequences of going backwards too.


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