Science journal

Science journal
Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
Slime at Monday morning meet up.
Where have I placed myself for
Gathering data
Engaging in science?

I think that I am a multistructural in all today's things. I think that I was gathering data about how we can make our slime the best in the school. I think that I was doing this by making new ideas.
One of the people was wondering if we could put vanilla essence in it to make it smell good. And yes it worked.

In this experiment I think that I would connect to all the other people’s ideas and making sure that the slime is high quality.
You could do this by:

Making it smell good
How: maybe put some vanilla essence in so it can smell like vanilla rather than old cheese.
Making it like slime
How: If your slime doesn't work and it is to clumpy then maybe you didn't put enough water or it maybe you could put oil in it. If it is too watery then maybe put some more flour in. (It has to be the flour that says on the recipe)

Science journal
Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment

In this week of doing balloon rocket we learnt that when the straw is smaller it can go further and when we see that it gets stuck then we try and fix it.

In my gathering of data I think that I am multistructural because I can make new ideas every time.
I think that we were going really good because we are making improvements on what we are doing. I think that when we can connect these ideas together we can do it together and not make any arguments about what we are doing.
I think that in connecting ideas as gathering data with other people is a good idea because you can connect your ideas and put them together.
I think that this rocket balloon thing is a great way to make connections.

Science journal 
Week 3: Drag 

In this week of doing balloon rocket with the paper, I observed that the distance did not go all of the way because of the paper it is putting weight on the front of the balloon so we put the paper higher up.
I think that it kind of worked because it was not as much weight on the front but there is still a slight bit of weight on the front because the paper is leaning down onto the front of the balloon so I think that means that the paper should have all of the weight on the top of the balloon instead of on the side or the front because the balloon will be able to stay and move better. 

It sounded just like the wind going past your face.
I think that it sounded like this because of the air going out of the balloon and making the balloon slide down on the wire and making it go further and further.

I wonder if it was the balloon and how much it was blown up of air or if it was the shape of paper, so maybe next time we could make the paper smaller and if that does not work then we can try a bigger piece of paper.
Me gathering data I think that I have done great because can connect these ideas as one and make sure that they are making good improvements on gathering data and making changes on what we are doing.

Science journal 
Week 4: trebuchet 

In this week of doing trebuchet I noticed that when there is more weights on the thing that means that it can move further. I think that it did this because it has more weights in it so it can move further. 

I can also see that when the thing moves it is making force because it is creating wind. I think this is because it is making the air move and sway. But that is just what I think.

The other thing that I noticed that if it is a heavier ball then it can not go as far. I think this because it has more weight on the ball so it can not go as far.
If it is a ball like a tennis ball then it would go further because it is lighter. 

I wonder if there was a ball that was really light then I would ask questions like:
would it go further if it is lighter? 
Would you need lots of weights in the box?
Would it go very slow in the air if it was liter? 


I think that my data is relational because I know that you can trust my data to be correct, and I know we're to put my data so that the rest of the writing flows well together. 

I think that my inferences are multistructural because I have used several pieces of data, but I'm not sure they connect well together. I can also do things that do connect but sometimes it does not work.

Over all 
I think that this is really fun because I really like to make sure I can connect my ideas with other people and make them all into one. I think that when I do connect these things I can always make sure that I can connect with friends and their ideas so yeah. I think this was a good week of gathering data and make connections. 

Science journal 
Week 8.
Science journal 5: flight 

This week our science class has been learning on flight,  I have learnt what all of the four forces mean. These are the four forces.


Thrust means 
The forward force required to move a plane through the air.

Drag means 
A force that acts against thrust and slows the airplane down.

Lift means 
The force to move or bring the plane upwards from the ground or other support to a higher level.

Wight means 
The force that makes the plane not lift up and fly away.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Air force Museum to have a look at what planes do and how they help the plane to fly. I think that gave me a lot of information on the four forces and about planes. There were a lot of people how was interested and I was one of them.

In class we were also learning how man made things fly  and how things in nature fly.
While I was doing this I was wondering some things.

I wonder why planes need the four forces?
I wonder what would happen if… We didn't have forces? I think our planes wouldn't be able to work, because we wouldn’t be able to lift the plane without lift. 
What would happen if we didn't have drag? Would we be able to fly in a plane? 
If  gliding is not the same as flying then how is gliding in the air?
Is there such thing of flying snakes? And what are they called? Why are the called this? How do they even fly?
Is there such thing of flying squirrels? And how do they fly?

In this week of gathering data I think that I have done well because I do not know much about planes and the four forces and I have learnt a lot of things about flying. In this piece of writing I have done lots of wonderings and think about what flying things are and are there such thing of them?  I think that I would place myself as relational because I have done the right thing and have lots of ideas and making them into one, I also can trust myself for making my data correct.

Science journal 
Week 9: paper parachute 
Science journal 6

This week our science class has been rotating around the classroom and making things that can glide and fly. 
We were making them and then throwing them of the top of the climbing wall to see how they fly and what questions we were asking and our observations about them. I was working on the paper parachute with my group.

My observations 

When I threw it down of the climbing wall it was going down straight and then if suddenly just fell and turned over. I do not know why that was happening? Then I tried it again because I thought it maybe was the way that I threw it.
But no it did the same thing. So I tried and put more weight into the paper parachute where the bottle lid was so I put a stone in. When it fell it just went straight round and round and the stone just feel out. So I decided to cut a hole in it. And you know what it helped a little bit but it still did not turn out like I wanted it to be.
By the time I was about to think about doing something different but then the teacher said it was time to pack up so I couldn't. 
Maybe I can have time next time to think about what I was going to do to change it.

What are the movements?
And what rubric do I choose to put myself on?

I think that the movements are round and around because when I throw it off the climbing wall and it just went straight over. I do not really know why it went like that because I was trying to think about why it was doing that but then it is was pack up time. Maybe I could try harder next time and that is why I think that I am multistructural in some ways because I can make different changes to what I am doing and I can connect to other people's ideas and what they think they need to do to make it better. Maybe next time I could try think about where I can get ideas from and how they connect.

By Lila 


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