Camp wainui

It was a cold and rainy day at Wainui and I found myself at the top of the high ropes.  I felt very proud of myself of doing that. It all started when all of my friends all forced me to go up, so I did. I was half way then suddenly I had this feeling that I could not do it, but you know what, I kept going. By the time I found myself up on the very top, I was so proud because it made me feel like my fear of being scared of heights was not there sitting in my brain like usual. 

Feeling proud was not the only thing that I was feeling on camp: I was also angry, well frustrated because by the time it was time for lights out, we were all dozing off and then suddenly there was a BIG Bang, bang, bang!  Everyone was so so angry. So we went outside and we saw people on the field. I didn't know what was happening - was it ding dong ditching or what? So we closed the door then bang, bang, bang. “Uhh WHAT IS IT? We want some sleep!” shouted someone from in the bunk room. 
“Ok everyone go back into your bunk rooms,” shouted the teachers. Then finally we had about one hour sleep, then it was morning. Oh did we get enough sleep? No we probably didn't. I felt like going back to sleep. 

After all that I was kind of happy that I got up because I had a nice and yummy breakfast. 

So you know all of these feelings that I have taken you in my journey across know the feelings I had like- proud- frustrated- and happy well those were the feelings that I felt on camp. 

I think that overall camp was VERY fun because I made new friends and I felt all of these special emotions in my mind were like a dream. All of the funny times and happy times and proud times and all of the other emotions that I had well they are going to stay right in my brain. And the last and final word is that camp was like a dream come true.

Why do I think that camp is great for you?

I think that when you go to camp you can connect to people and make new friends, and it does not really matter if you are or not with your friends because you can make new friends and making new friends can be very important. Friends are important because they can stick up for you when you are feeling sad or someone is being mean to you well they can always make you feel better. I think that all of my friends can make me feel better because they are awesome. 

I think that camp can be a great way to relax and get some energy because when you are doing activities you can go out in nature or some times when it is a rainy day you can sit down in the hall room reading a book or drawing by the fire can be very relaxing.

By Lila. 
I hope you enjoyed reading all of my emotions and thoughts about camp.


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