Responsible citizen

Inquiry reflection

In this inquiry session we were learning about what a responsible citizen is. For the start of the term I didn't know much about my school leadership roles. So on the solo rubric I would of put myself as multicultural because I knew most things but not the most important things so I asked some people and they told me the answer.
Now that i now what a responsible citizen is I can now do those things.
My school leadership roles or other things:
Road patrol-To keep the little kids safe from crossing the road.
Librarian-To encourage kids to read
Radio DJ- To keep all of the school updates available
Picking up rubbish- To keep the school and environment and the WORLD!!! Tidy!
To make sure everyone enjoys playing
And even more than you can think of.
Wet day monitor-To make sure the kids are good at lunch.
Now that I am doing all of these leadership roles I think that I am a great responsible citizen  because I put my hand up to do lots of things for the environment.
It is important to keep the world nice and pick up rubbish just like I do.
I have now moved up to extended abstract because I know that to be a responsible citizen you have to be trustworthy so if you ask for something you give it back and you have to be a helpful bystander and stand up for kids getting bullied. You have to care for others, treat them how you want to be treated, and you have to be a role model and do the right thing.
I think that my project would help people be a responsible citizen  because I can make people be more careful about what they do about their  pets and how they might think about to care for animals if they see a animals sad sick or lost on the street.


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