Tough kids

Tough kids!
The morning is cold but the sun is still shining.  A shiver slides down my spine. The warm breeze flies into my hair.

Finally the numbers are counting down - ready, 3, 2, 1 and Go ! Running and running sliding, there's mud everywhere. I feel great and I really do feel it.

Keep going Lila keep going I say to myself. Let's win this thing! Running, running and sliding through mud. I squish, squish through the mud as my feet get even more muddy. But do you know what? I still love it whenever I get dirty, or even if I don't, I still get stuck in!

If I fall down then I will get back up again! I go through the obstacles, running, bouncing, crawling  through the mud.  I go through the finish line. I think to myself wow I really do feel great and I sure did love it! I have so much fun doing challenging things like that.

By Lila! ☺️


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