Responserble citizen

 Are you a responsible citizen?

Well if you are then well done. ✅
A responsible citizen knows it is important to be careful of what you do and what you say..  It is important to be careful of what you say or do because if you do or say something that is mean then that person will feel stink and they might think that no one will want to play with them. It is important to be caring for the community because then the community would be a safe place.

 A responsible citizen treats the world nicely.. The police are a responsible citizens because they take care of everything and they make things better, they would stand up to people that are being dangerous and help the people that are sad.

I think that Neve is a responsible  citizen because she can always be nice and she can stand up to people that are being mean to someone. She can pick up rubbish even if the teacher does not say to do it. So that’s why I think she is a responsible citizen.

If you see someone getting bullied then step in and say that is not nice!. If you do that then that means you are a helpful bystander!

 If you are  someone  that follows the rules picks up rubbish and does things to help someone and don't be mean to someone then I think you would be the world's best responsible citizen!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall, I think that if you pick up two or three bites of rubbish a day and then if everyone does that then the world would be a better PLACE!

And also if you are getting bullied then you should tell the teacher because if you do that then you would not be sad at school anymore. And also you will feel so much better than you were! And a better life would be a better day!


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