Hide and seek

The teachers start to count, 1 ,2, 3...
I dash and dart all around the park. 
I hear screaming, shouting , laughing  from the kids all around.
I spot the kids running around the park shouting,
Come hide here and follow me. 
My feet dash to the bushes.
Where should I hide where ,  where , WHERE! 
There were too many bushes  to hide in!
I go in and there are leaves all around me like a tornado climbing up beside me.
As I run in the bushes hearing the crunchy leaves beneath my feet.
Oh no the teachers are coming 95 , 96 ,97 ,98 ,99, 
and 100.  There is complete silence in big darkness of the trees.
Keep still, make no noise.
Keep your knees in so they don't find us.
The trees dance, someone moves.
No don't come near me, go , go , GO!

what a game!


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