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My speech is on hockey. I decided to do it about hockey because I love to play sport and my favorite sport to do is hockey. I love to play hockey because I make new friends and I love to play it with my friends after school, especially when I have nothing to do! In my speech I was learning to get some examples and getting my language devices right. I think my speech went well because I tried to do language devices, it worked. The teacher said that I did a good job off my speech. I can use parts of structure, but it lacks balance, connection or flow but many ideas connect to the point view. The thing that was very hard to do was to read the speech. I was a bit shy when I did it because I have never done a speech before. Well, I have, but I just have not done it to the whole class before. So I just gave it a try and it was great when I did it! I loved it. When it was the first sentence I was a bit scared but then at the end I was so proud of myself. The thing that was the best part of my speech was for example: “Sometimes it can be really hard to decide, it feels like you are in two minds or you have a brain freeze it's so hard to think.” I think that sentence is one of the best sentences because I explain what you are doing instead of saying it. 
Please click here to listen to my speech. 

Difficult choice with sport.

Have you been faced with a difficult choice ?

Say you had a choice of going to two sleepovers and they are your best friend’s but you don't want to be mean. You just want to go to both but you don't know which one to go to. Then you make your final choice. You go there and you feel stink.

Year 5 and 6’s know what it feels like because they have to think what sport to do.
Do you remember having a choice between sports? A choice between sports you don't know? Think what it was, was it rugby, football, hockey and netball you just don't know? Sometimes it can be really hard to decide. It feels like you are in two minds. Like you have brain freeze it is so hard to think. By the next day you have your decision. Your mum and dad finally ask. You hesitate before saying confidently: hockey! (Good I got it over with)

I think you should learn hockey because it is a great way to learn new skills and you can have lots of fun playing it.
Yes I know you're thinking ‘why is hockey fun?’ Well hockey is fun because you can make friends and practice with your friends at school.

Imagine this you are with your friends and you are playing hockey and yes I know it sounds boring, but it's not trust me there is lots of fun things to do in hockey like this will this is a story.

One day, it was a sunny day when my team was playing hockey. We were versing a very hard team. we were tackling and tackling the people with our hockey sticks. It was 2 minutes to go and we were getting closer and closer to the goal, then we scored at the goal, yay! Everybody was cheering for us.  
It was the best day of my life when we scored that amazing goal. Our coach was very proud of us because it was our first win of the year. We were so proud of ourselves. It was the best day ever. I screamed YAY! We were ready to here the player of the day. Suddenly our coach choose me. I felt like jumping of the walls because I was so excited of getting the player of the day for my first game ever. It was great! 

That was one of my experience of playing hockey it was the one of the best day of my life!

 Here is another story of my best hockey day ever!
One day my hockey group was so bored because our hockey game was finished. It was the last hockey game. So we all decided to go to the new trampolining place because we were all not doing anything. So, we went there and we sore the big building, we were going in when we saw a big long row so we had to wait for a long time. Finally we got in there we take our shoes of and we started to jump. There was other areas where the walls were trampolines and they were awesome!
After that we went to the prize giving. Great news I got the trophy yay I was so happy. It was great!!

If you are interested in learning, I would suggest to go to fetch hockey it's a great way to learn how to play Hockey and have some fun. I would also suggest to play hockey for a club because you have lots of fun practicing with your friends.
So that is why I think hockey is a great sport to play and just remember no matter if you are a boy or a girl you can play it.


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