Mum and dad

Her orange hair is a sun rise 
His dark brown eyes 
nearly makes me jump. 

She can be like a loud bear behind me 
but sometimes she can be like a little mouse.
He is a very funny person;
a lot of people say that to me.

Her perfume sprays in my face as 
I walk past.  It feels like same one is spraying
 a hose at me like when I was having a 
water fight with my cousins.

He likes to do a lot of fitness. 
When he comes back from biking 
he asks me to put his sweaty gear in the wash. 
‘Yuck!’ I say. It feels like I'm picking up slime.
The beer splashes on my face 
when he starts to laugh.


  1. I really liked because it had tuns of deitals and gave me the chills.


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