Where does my heart lie?

Where does my heart lie?

Where does my heart lie.
Where piwakawaka hop
around on the leaves, hearing crunchy noises  
like a hedgehog's digging holes in the leaves. 

Where kereru Jump 
around the trees 
playing with friends 
and being clumsy.

Where kea make holes 
in the ice making sure there is 
same where to sit
to play a game.

Where the toetoe danse 
around with the wind 
on a date with the clouds.

Where the harakeke
cuts into my legs
like a blade.

Aotearoa is where my heart lies.


I am learning to use personification in a beautiful poem. 
I am going ok because I can write many things using personification.
For example.a wood pigeon jumping around the trees playing with his friends.being so clumsy .
My next step is to not work with my great friends 
so I get more work done.


  1. It a very nice place I like the part where you said the kereru dancing around the tree
    Being clumsy.

  2. lovely that is awesome how instead of using New Zealand you used the maori name Aotearoa how clever! my favourite line is Where kea make holes in the ice making sure there is some where to sit to play a game that just puts a butifull image in my head.


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